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I reblogged this on Tumblr but I meant to post it here as well. Mega thanks to OhSophieTurner on Tumblr for posting this!


Sophie’s interview @ Interview Germany, translated by killingmesoftlywiththesesongs

Infinite thanks to @killingmesoftlywiththesesongs for translating it!

It was a long way, the 19 year old British Sophie Turner had to take: from school to the fight about the Seven Kingdoms. In April the prize-winning fantasy show Game of Thrones will come back, in all their murderous, seductive and fire breathing glory. Again, millions of viewers will turn in to watch this young lady fight against all odds for the honor of House Stark. Hail to the Queen!

Interviewer: “Rytsas“, Sophie!

Sophie: What?

I: That’s “hello“ in High Valyrian.

S: Really? I’m impressed.

I: Real fans of the show learn the fantasy languages Dothraki and High Valyrian, cosplayer slip into the costumes of the characters on world’s biggest comic exhibition Comic-Con. Do you think that’s kind of crazy, too?

S: Oh yes. We visited the Comic-Con. That was kind of weird. Very strange to see yourself there. However, those responsible had to close the stand after a few minutes already because there was such a large crowd. It was crazy, how many people came. That’s probably what you call real commitment. Somehow it’s very impressive: Fantasy is by now a mass phenomenon.

I: That you have to explain.

S: A few years ago it were only nerds that were interested in that kind of stuff. But Game of Thrones isn’t just your typical medieval saga with great costumes, dragons and dwarves. It has so many different story arcs, a lot of sex, a gay story, treason. Maybe a bit too much treason. Anyway, there’s something for everyone.

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  March 31st, 2015 Articles Interviews

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Sorry for the late post of these. Thanks to Julianne Moore Fan, I Heart Jake and Far Far Away Site for their contributions of HQ photos from the After Party & Premiere in San Francisco


Gallery Links:

– Photoshoots > 2015 > #008

– Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere – San Francisco – March 23

– Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere After-Party – San Francisco – March 23

– Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Press Conference – March 25

  March 29th, 2015 Events Gallery Photoshoots

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Thanks to Kikky I have been able to upgrade the MQ photos from the UK Premiere After Party to HQ. There are 96 HQ photos from the Premiere Red Carpet and 12 from the After Party. I’ll bring you more from San Francisco premiere on Tuesday!

  March 23rd, 2015 Events Gallery Game of Thrones

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Gallery Links:

Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere – London – March 18 -HQ Photos Added

Photoshoots > 2015 > #007

Magazines > 2015 > Interview Germany – April 2015

Filmography > Barely Lethal > Trailer 1

Screencaptures > Sky Atlantic Germany (2015)

Screencaptures > Sky Atlantic at GOT Season 5 Premiere in London (2015)

Screencaptures > AP at GOT Season 5 Premiere in London (2015)

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Sophie is on the cover of Interview Magazine in Germany. I’ve included some photos that were uploaded to Tumblr by kingslyers but I’ll look for some better versions tomorrow!


001 002

Now on to the first trailer for Barely Lethal!

  March 19th, 2015 Barely Lethal Video

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I’ve posted photos from the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere and after party in London.  Hopefully I’ll add some more and replace the After Party photos with HQ in the next few days. Thanks so much to the amazing Steph @ I Heart Jake and Far Far Away for helping me gather these! Enjoy!



Gallery Links

Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere – London – March 18

Appearances > 2015 > “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere After-Party – London – March 18

  March 19th, 2015 Events Gallery

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Gallery Links:
Filmography > Game of Thrones > Season 5 > Episodic Stills > 5×01 – Wars to Come
Magazines > 2015 > Entertainment Weekly – March 20-27
Magazines > 2015 > Sci Fi Now – Issue 104

  March 15th, 2015 Gallery Magazines & Scans Stills Video

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Still only a short glimpse of our favorite Stark but at least its a longer trailer!

  March 9th, 2015 Game of Thrones Video

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