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Jun 15
June 26th, 2015  /  Staff  /  No Comments
Glamour Mexico Interview Preview

The star of ‘Game of Thrones’ is our cover July 2015. We shared a preview of this incredible edition!




June 26, 2015


[Translated using Google]


Speaking of television is playing an exciting topic. It is time to comment, analyze twists and fall in love (or hate wildly) a character. Certainly, as a spectator, it’s a good day to live in this, the golden age of television. But what determines a show, to be successful? Also because the public has become more demanding … well, well constructed characters, impeccable production and creative freedom at its best is needed.


What better than Game Of Thrones , production of HBO , to prove it? Millions of viewers around the world can not be wrong. The struggle of the Seven Kingdoms has become one of the most talked about dramas, especially when it comes to Chapter nine of every season (where the greatest tragedies occur … personally, I’m crying for the first).


“It is an honor to work on something so amazing,” said Sophie Turner , who gives life to the eldest daughter of Stark, Sansa family. “See how each year the public is looking forward to new episodes, makes me appreciate every second, the part of this production,” adds the actress, who at age 19 already have well studied this profession. Not for nothing, besides being a protagonist in the most famous TV series, this year it was announced that will be part of the most powerful movie franchise: Marvel Comics, in X-Men: Apocalypse.


Sophie has won more than a steel throne. She has earned the love of the public, confidence of producers and, above all, the control of your life. Does your strategy? Two crucial elements: intelligence and maturity .


Game of Thrones has become one of the most beloved shows. When you came to the team, did you expect to reach the highest levels of rating in the history of TV?


Wow! It is very exciting to know that I’m working on something that has exceeded every expectation, from the day it opened. All in-actors, producers and writers-team have put all our passion, which is the secret of his success: think big and freely. And fans appreciate the effort. It is strange that when I’m on set, do not feel the pressure; that is, always concerned that everything is perfect, but not the weight ‘is the best show, do something to deserve it. ” Only we respect the universe in which the story is built, and things flow by themselves.


To be so young as you drive well this profession …


I know a couple of things … to be my first strong show, not bad!

Do not miss the rest of the interview with Sophie Turner in our July issue, now on sale at newsstands, Vips, Oxxo, Seven Eleven and Sanborns, among other chains, in addition to its digital download Zinio!



I’ve loaded a few MQ shots in the gallery until I get the HQ ones.


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